Mama Turn

Are you struggling with the lack of sleep caused by pregnancy?

Do you need a helping hand when turning in bed? 

The Mama Turn is a mobility aid that will help you get a better night's sleep by making turning in bed a lot easier. 

What is a Mama Turn?

Mama Turn is a comforting brushed cotton sheet with a clever sliding inner layer so that you can scoot onto your left or right side without putting pressure on your joints or muscles. Perfect for pregnant mothers who experiencing broken sleep due to discomfort.

How does Mama Turn work?

Mama Turn works by placing it on your bed where your hips would be and then you lie on top of it. During your sleep, the Mama Turn will allow you to easily slide to either side you wish to lie on - without pain or discomfort. 

Mama Turn is a sleep aid designed to help you get a better nights sleep. Created by a physiotherapist who after experiencing her own pelvic pain in pregnancy, decided to do something to help other people out there.

It's easy to care for your Mama Turn!

Machine wash at 30 degrees and line dry - it's as simple as that! Avoid fabric conditioner and the tumble drier as these affect the inner sliding sheet. Please note that there may be some colour transfer prior to first wash.
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